Monday, 9 May 2011

Spa Therapy

What a lovely weekend it has been; the glorious sun was out once again, the air was warm and fresh. What better way to relax and unwind than a well deserved trip to a Spa!

When my son was born, my in laws decided to treat my husband and I with a gift voucher to the Molton Brown Spa in Bluewater. So, 14 months later, my husband and I finally made it a 'date'!

After a busy morning seeing my own clients, my husband and I made a dash for our own spa treat; with a quick pit stop on the way to drop my son at his grandparents for the afternoon.

When we got there, it was perfect. The ambience and the 'feel' of the place was great. Pre-baby, my husband and I frequently visited Spa's. However after having our son, our priorities changed and we put greater value on spending 'quality weekend time' with him. Needless to say treating ourselves no longer comes at the top of our priority list, so this was was a much needed and deserved treat!

I love Molton Brown products; the quality and range of products are amazing, so I was really curious to see what their Spa had to offer. 10 out of 10 for the Spa itself; who would have thought such a gem of tranquility existed in a Chaotic, Crowded and Busy shopping centre!?

The treatments on offer were enticing; and I felt spoilt for choice! We did however finally make our selections; I chose the Skin Awakening Uplifting Facial (at a hefty £115 for 1.5 hour treatment - oh well - I deserved it!) and my husband the Tension Relief Deep-Tissue Massage (a wholesome £70 for 60minutes).

My long term goal is to open my own Brow Bar; not only offering Threading but also other related and complementary treatments, so I took in my surroundings for inspiration as to what I want my own place to look like one day.

So, things I took away from my few hours at the Spa:
1) Using Room Fragrances and candles - a great touch and I shall be using this for my own clients going forward. I personally would prefer the use of Bach Flower Mist Sprays (which I have for my own personal use) 
2) Heated treatment beds - My own place will boast these one day as they are wonderful!
3) The silence...coupled with soothing music - Although my clients and I enjoy a good chat where possible before, during and sometimes after our appointments, I wonder how many of them would actually prefer the tranquility and music during the treatment - note to self - run a Facebook poll on this!
4) Value for money - My time at the MBSpa was great overall, however we were both not convinced the treatments themselves were good value for money - the treatments are definitely not the cheapest, so I had a very high expectation of my treatment and unfortunately I did not feel it did meet those expectations; this feeling was shared by my husband also - So we were glad for the voucher. So I want to make sure my clients feel like my service and product is 'Good Value for Money'.

What I valued most from my few hours at the Spa this weekend was 'time to myself'; to reflect on my own needs, dreams and aspirations. Being a mum and wife is my number one priority and always will be, but I realised how little time I now get to reflect on my own needs.

I would love to hear what people love and enjoy (aside from a treatment itself) when they visit a Salon, Spa, Mobile/ Home based therapist, so please feel free to share your experiences.  
*Please do not name the places/people etc.

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