Sunday, 5 June 2011

Threading...Not Just for Women!

Increasingly, I have seen a rise in the number of male clients coming to me for threading. Threading is increasingly becoming a well known hair removal and eyebrow shaping method within female circles but its use is also becoming popular on men.

Threading has widely been used on men in Asia and Arabia for centuries and is now becoming a popular option in the West.

So what are men threading, I hear you ask...

...well... they tend to be areas alot of men secretly or not secretly pluck/ wax anyway!
  • Eyebrows - those who have a monobrow and/or to define their exisitng shape to have a cleaner yet natural look (in most cases - there are some who like them highly shaped too!)
  • Bridge of Nose - those who have excessive or dark hairs on their nose
  • Cheeks - removing the hairs from the cheek area, can give the beard area more definition
  • Ears - removal of hair from all areas of the outer ear (i.e. lobe)
  • Forehead - usually those who shape their eyebrows will also commonly have the hair on their forehead removed or 'thinned' to give more definition to their eyebrows
Most of my male clients tell me that they often tell no one about the fact that they have threading done - this is often due to fears of being seen as vain, 'unmale' etc. I assure them that this is not the case at all! Infact about 25% of my client base are male! 

Although it is widely accepted for women to have perfectly shaped eyebrows and unwanted facial hair removed, often males who are known to also want the same, tend to face some prejudice.

Perhaps the fact that I am a home-based therapist rather than being on a high street or at a threading bar in the middle of a shopping centre is the reason why male clients feel more comfortable visiting me.

Either way, I just want to let those men who do remove those unwanted hairs (by whatever means they choose) know that, it is perfectly normal and welcome any comments from any male readers out there about the topic!

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