Thursday, 21 July 2011

Getting Hairy in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. The most noticeable difference (aside from your growing belly and bust!) is how your hair looks so healthy, shiny and fuller. For some though there is also a traumatic side to this new phenomenon; hair starts growing in places where you never had hair before!

The unwanted hair normally presents itself on: chin, upper lip, cheeks, neck, abdomen, breasts, and back. Never fear though... this hair usually disappears or greatly reduces once the baby is born. So why do you get more hairy? The main reason for this is hormones related to pregnancy. Androgens (aka sex hormones) and cortisone levels are increased in pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones rise sharply in the first trimester; which is probably when you will first start to notice the 'new' hair.

The hair is more noticeable in darker haired ladies and less so in fair haired ladies however, how self conscious one feels about this is individual. Most advise against the use of hair removal creams and bleaching agents during pregnancy - so threading the hair can be a great way to remove this unwanted hair - especially on your face as you can hide the rest! It is also important to note that during pregnancy, there is increased blood flow which generally means hair will grow back sooner and you may be more 'sensitive' to the sensation of hair removal.

Again, if threading is an option you are considering for removing this unwanted hair, it is well worth visiting a threading professional who has plenty of experience and preferably has had previous experience of threading pregnant ladies.

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