Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Why is Threading cheaper that other eyebrow shaping methods?

So, for some time now, I have pondering this very question, because I don't understand it quite frankly because in my opinion you can buy your own tweezers and wax and shape your eyebrows yourself! However, how many of you can thread and shape your own eyebrows?

Let me tell you that, in my opinion, Threading is a SKILL; an art infact. Anyone can learn to thread nowadays, but it takes time and ALOT of experience to become a good Threading Aesthetician. So why are Salons offering this treatment for so cheap?

Ask anyone who as had threading; that used long term, Threading is anyway a very cost-effective treatment to have. The only answer I can come up with is that those salons, beauticians etc. offering CHEAP Threading have a newly trained Threader and want to offer this treatment cheaply in order that they get the experience. Now... tell me, do you want someone who has had one day's training; with minimal practical experience to touch your eyebrows?

So for those bargain hunters out there; paying £3 or less for an eyebrow shape sounds like a great deal, but you may want to ask how much experience and training the Aesthetician has had before embarking on shaping your eyebrows or removing unwanted facial hair!

Common complaints that I get from clients who had had bad previous threading experiences by other Aestheticians are:

1) A very "in-out" service which is very impersonal
2) No after-care advice or pre-thread consultation
3) Mishaped eyebrows, eyebrows too thin and uneven eyebrows 
4) Nips and Cuts caused by poor control of the thread or the aesthetician rushing
5) They never see the same aesthetician twice, so end up having a different shape to their eyebrows everytime

So think twice before you grab that bargain.... because it may turn into a nightmare! Threading is a skill and like with any trade, highly skilled individuals cost money sadly and you will most likely get what you pay for!

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